How was HBCU Pets birthed?

How was HBCU Pets birthed?

In November of 2012, while visiting my cousin on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, we made a pit stop at the university bookstore to pick up some goodies for me and my dog (RIP MacKynzi). While I was there I was overwhelmed with the many choices not only for humans, but for pets! It wasn't just a single tabletop display that I was used to seeing at my beloved Alma Mater, Tuskegee University, (no shade) but an entire room dedicated to our furry friends! My wheels began to churn, and admittedly a little jealousy set in too. I thought to myself "Black people love our pets too! Why don't we have pet pride apparel for them in our HBCU bookstores, online, pet stores, etc?!" So this is when HBCU Pets was born.

HBCU Pets is a luxury pet apparel brand for HBCU graduates, students, family and fans. HBCUs are widely celebrated, and their fanbase is full of pride, yet there is a lack of pride apparel in the marketplace for their furry family members. HBCUs should have the same opportunities for pet pride. As a proud HBCU graduate and proud Dog Mom, I am here to fill that gap with HBCU gear for our pets.




In the photo: My inspiration behind the brand, my beloved yorkie MacKynzi. March 14, 2010 - December 12, 2013

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